Personal liability insurance

Peace of mind

  • Worldwide personal liability insurance
  • Covers repair and replacement cost for your property
  • Medical costs and compensation for personal injury
  • Compensation for loss of earnings
  • Legal aid for legal disputes
  • Peace of mind for your whole family

Comprehensive protection

Our personal liability insurance will protect you and your family across the world and round the clock.

Preparing for life's uncertainties

Protect yourself and your family from financial loss and make sure that you have the protection you deserve to  deal with life's uncertainties.

Contents insurance

Protecting your belongings

  • Covers your home contents up to their replacement value
  • Compensation for loss caused by fire, storms, hail and water leakage as well as theft
  • Also available with additional benefits
  • Protecting your and your family's belongings

Greater value

With our contents insurance, we will first put a value to your belongings and then agree a unique sum insured with you.

Protecting your home

Protect your home's contents.  Our contents insurance will cover all of your financial loss in the event of loss or damage. Allowing you to attend to the important things in life.

Personal accident insurance

Accident protection

  • Customisable insurance term and sum insured
  • Closes the gap between statutory health and safety insurance
  • One-off lump sum payment in the event of injury
  • Effective protection for your whole family

Don't have one yet?

Personal accident insurance is invaluable when it comes to children and teens, as well as for stay-at-home-parents and if you are self-employed.

Valuable advice

A personal accident insurance will protect you during your free time and while at work – around the clock – and can even be extended to cover your whole family. Why not select a level of cover to suit your needs and get in touch with one of our advisers for more information.

Legal protection insurance

Comprehensive protection for you and your loved ones

  • Legal protection insurance protects the legal rights of individuals, employees, home owners, motorists and of people while travelling
  • Personal legal aid provided by a solicitor of your choice
  • Customisable insurance level and unlimited sum insured
  • Taking care of your loved ones

Effective protection for all aspects of life

Legal protection insurance covers the legal costs involved in legal disputes.

Know your rights

Free legal advice in the event of fines, revoked driving licenses or motoring accidents.

Greater peace of mind in your home

Protect yourself in the event of disputes with neighbours or landlords.

Legal aid for employment matters

Whether it's losing your job, being the subject of a complaint or unfair treatment – our legal protection will allow you to seek help from the best solicitors around.

Maximum peace of mind

Protect your finances. Get a solicitor of your choice to protect your interests for maximum peace of mind and to protect your family.   

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